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Interactive Qualitative and Quantitative (IQ2) reporting  is Mediamine’s intuitive and customised media analysis solution. Its dashboard shows your key metrics in an easy-to-read, one-page spread, which is fully interactive and allows users to drill down into different metrics. Select a region, source, or any other metric and your data and visuals instantly update to show you the relevant information, including the articles from which the data is generated.


    Our analysts code quantitative and qualitative data and deliver comprehensive reports through an interactive dashboard.


    Mediamine's team of analysts are specialists in coding media evaluation metrics and aligning them to business outcomes.


    Mediamine has been indexing media items since mid-2012, creating a comprehensive, media-specific data set for analytical benchmarking or review.


    Complete with a written summary, Mediamine's interactive dashboard allows users to drill right through the data to the source.


    Mediamine is a NZ-owned media analysis business which offers an interactive, intuitive and comprehensive media analysis solution through the platform IQ2.

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    "I’m loving the new analysis tool. I’m really enjoying showing it off to people here, especially ones who don’t appreciate that it IS possible to measure and monitor things like tone analysis. It’s a revelation to them. Which is interesting because they’ve seen the static graphs before, but there’s something about making the content interactive that draws people in and actually gets the whole concept across so much easier. Thank you for the development, it’s great and it really fits well into the work I’m trying to do." - Leigh Catley 

    “Rather than spending a lot of time gathering and filtering news feeds, Mediamine efficiently allows Mitsubishi to track national and international news about our products and brand. It provides a greater awareness of how the global market is performing and keeps us up to date with media reporting in our local market, a brilliant tool.” 
    – Daniel Cook 

    "We were really happy with the result, it showed we’d achieved our goal of starting a national conversation about elder abuse. Having hard data to show that was also a big positive for me, as it meant I could prove the investment we’d made was worth it.” - Elliot Parker

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